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The Benefits of Pearl Fractional Laser Treatment

There is no doubt that everyone wants to achieve iridescent glowing skin but the obstacles to obtain glowing skin is discouraging. From cumbersome daily routines to bank breaking costs, glowing skin may seem just like a dream. But glowing skin may actually just be a step away with the Pearl Fractional laser treatment.

The Pearl […]

Kybella® Injections

If you’re unhappy with the fullness underneath your chin (commonly described as a “double chin”), you are not alone! A majority of women and men describe their double chin as being their number one problem area. A double chin, or submental fullness, can be the result of a couple different factors. Some may have […]

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    Why Weight Loss Increases Excess Skin & Ways to Treat Excess Skin

Why Weight Loss Increases Excess Skin & Ways to Treat Excess Skin

Why Weight Loss Increases Excess Skin
Excess skin occurs mostly with those who lose weight through diet and exercise at an alarming rate. This can happen to those who lose 100 pounds or more at a fast rate compared to a steady slow rate. Excess skin is created when the loose skin after weight loss […]

  • Laser Hair Removal Vs Waxing in San Diego
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    The difference between Laser Hair Removal, Waxing and Shaving.

The difference between Laser Hair Removal, Waxing and Shaving.

What is Waxing?
Waxing is an alternative to shaving and is a semi-permanent hair removal technique that removes the hair from the root. New hair will typically re-grow after two to four weeks. Patients may witness re-growth in specific areas due to those hairs being on a different growth cycle. Waxing has a hot or […]

Spider Vein Removal – Your Questions Answered

We all want to look our best, especially when going to the beach, taking a dip in the swimming pool, or dressing to impress for a big night on the town. Spider veins are a common cosmetic issue, and can make it difficult to enjoy your favorite activities with confidence. But there is a […]

Jane Iredale Cosmetics for National Makeup Day

The early summer holidays may have already passed, but the most exciting day of the summer still waits ahead. We’re talking about National Makeup Day! Every year on August 25, we celebrate the products, tips, and aestheticians that help us look and feel our very best. And if you’re looking to celebrate National Makeup […]

MICRODERMABRASION VS CHEMICAL PEEL: Which one suits your skin type?

A Microdermabrasion is a skin polishing and exfoliating procedure where the superficial layer of skin is gently abraded away with the usage of crystals. This procedure is used for treating dull skin, leathery skin, mild acne scarring, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. Microdermabrasions stimulate the production of your own natural […]

Where Can You Use Cosmetic Fillers?

Thanks to healthy living practices and medical advances, people are living longer, vibrant lives. However, as we age, time inevitably takes its toll on the body, and the normal fat layer that lies under the face’s skin surface naturally starts to thin out.

When this happens, facial skin begins to stretch and sag, and wrinkles […]


The sun is shining, the sand is warm, and there’s a salty ocean breeze carrying the sounds of summer through the air. Swimsuit season is just around the corner, and it’s time to start preparing for all of the fun that the heat brings. This is also the time of year when we all […]


What is Botox?
Botox injectable gel is a solution that prevents the muscle from moving, ultimately preventing wrinkles from being made. Botox is used mainly as a preventative to wrinkles, however, is not a permanent solution for the underlying problem. Wrinkles are inevitable and are caused by years of facial expressions and sun damage. When […]

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Many patients believe they have to spend big bucks on name brand products to maintain their radiant skin; however, big-buck products do offer a magnificent change but they will not maintain the radiant skin. There are many home-made remedies that can nurture your skin with the necessary nutritions to keep your skin fresh. If you’re the type of patient who is concerned with added unknown chemicals to beauty products, home-made products will be ideal for you. When making at-home products, you can always keep track of every ingredient contained within the product. Patients love making at home remedy products to control how organic their product is. Don’t hesitate now, and check out our latest beauty blogs that might make your life just a little bit easier.